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Medical Terminology Course



Medical Terminology Course delivered online, using an interactive training programme. The course has been developed by experienced Medical trainers who have years of experience working in healthcare and training medical administration professionals.

Aims of the Course

Our Medical Terminology Course provides a comprehensive foundation in Medical Terms. The courses enable the learner to grasp the structure of medical phrases and understand how and why the medical profession uses terminology. It will explain the meanings of the wide range of medical abbreviations.

Medical Terminology Course

You can gain the confidence required to deal with patients, doctors, send out letters, reports and other key medical office admin functions. The course assists medical administration professionals in recording data with medical phrases.

Course Format

An online and interactive training programme that was developed by experienced healthcare professionals and trainers. This material has been delivered to a broad range of NHS Trusts in the UK and other organisations.

Course Content

  • You will learn how medical words are structured.
  • Learn how to make sense of medical terms by breaking words down into suffixes, prefixes and components.
  • Learn common abbreviations
  • Feel more confident in communicating with patients, preparing letters and reports and recording data.

Dates and Duration

You have up to 6 months to complete the course. However, it can be completed much sooner, with intensive study


  • Gain confidence and knowledge needed to use Medical Terminology at work
  • Gain the ability to understand Medical conversation
  • Gain a professional qualification
  • CPD Accredited Certificate in Medical Terminology issued upon successful completion

Medical Terminology Course delivered at your organisation

Medical Administration Academy can deliver this course or other related courses at your venue. This course has been delivered to many NHS Trusts in the UK and other healthcare organisations. If you require the Medical Terminology Course at your venue, please contact our office for more details. Send us an email here at or call our office 020 7248 8987.


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