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Medical Administration Course



Medical Administration Academy has experience in providing thorough training to the NHS. We have a wealth of experience in delivering Virtual courses in Medical Admin and also, Secretary Training. This CPD accredited course is delivered directly to the NHS.

“All of it was important as all can be applied in my current role. Very interesting and fun course- well structured”. Amanda K.

Medical Administration Course

The course aims to provide an understanding of the role of a Medical Administrator together with the structure and use of terminology and abbreviations together with the meanings; confidence when dealing with patients; complete a varied range of administrative functions in a medical environment; compile letters and reports and record data from medical phrases.

Course Format

This is an online course that is written by experienced NHS trainers in the UK. All training can be started on any date and you can study on a flexible schedule. You have up to six months to complete the Medical Admin Certificate Course. If you study intensely you can complete the training much sooner.

Course Content

The course comprises of two modules – Medical Terminology and Administration.

Medical Terminology Module:

  • Outline the role of a Medical Administrator/Secretary and identify areas where the role differs from other secretarial jobs.
  • Interpret the meanings of medical terms; break words down into component parts, suffixes and prefixes.
  • Understand the structure of medical words.
  • Expand common abbreviations.
  • Confidence in communicating with patients
  • Prepare letters and reports
  • Record data from medical phrases.

Administration Module:

  • Duties of an Admin and the job role
  • Health and Safety in the office
  • Filing
  • Emails and Email Management
  • Briefing of Office, Secretarial and Admin function
  • The purpose of the Office
  • Structure of Departments and Organisational structures
  • Mail Management
  • Stationery – Stock Control
  • Telephone Etiquette and Procedure
  • Client Care skills
  • Proof-reading
  • CV and Career Advice
  • Touch Typing

Dates and Duration

You have up to six months to complete the Medical Admin Certificate Course. If you study intensely you can complete the training much sooner.


  • Certification on completion of the course
  • CPD Accreditation to build your CV
  • A wide range of technical skills for a career in Medical Administration
  • IT skills for Administrative jobs and certification in each program
  • Job skills and confidence to build a successful career


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